Kate's Cabin

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Welcome to my corner of The House that Books Built. I have a fierce love of the old west, it shows up in my writing and it inspires me every day. If I could have my dream space to write in I'd have a cabin with a view. In fact, it would look a lot like Cunningham's Cabin here. With that view out your window, how could you not be inspired?

So here I am. Ready to be inspired. Ready to put all that inspiration into the pages of my book. Ready to share the journey with you. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

My Writing:

I'm currently working on two seperate projects.

The first is a series of children's books that follow the Adventures of a young boy named Ty Danger (A Cowboy Named Danger) as he uses his imagination to travel throughout the Old West meeting some of the biggest names, like Buffalo Bill Cody, and experiencing events like riding with the Pony Express.

I am also working on a Young Adult Historical Fiction. I have finished the research and outlining section and am working on completing my first draft.

Contact Information:
Kate Elstad

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