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About Me: 
As I strive to find not only the time but also a place to write, I am reminded of Virginia Woolf's essay, A Room of One's Own. So, this is my room. My little corner. My little place to share some of my writing, my thoughts, and my writing journey.

I love books, music, and horses, in no particular order. I have tried to live without each one at one time and found myself absolutely miserable. I also love to travel and dabble in gardening. My kids inspire me to be a better person everyday.

My Writing:
Currently writing a paranormal YA novel. I have a manuscript completed (I still can't believe I actually wrote an entire book!) and it is in the revision stages. With any luck it will be ready to send out in the next few months which would be great because I want to begin research for my next one, a ghost story . . . 

Sara Heacox 
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